Friend zoned

You know when you’ve been fren zoned (yes I spelt friend like that on purpose). Do you remember that Tango advertisement that use to show someone being pranked or slapped with something rubber and orange and then the voice would come in “You know when you’ve been Tango’d”, now read the first sentence again in that voice, LOL. It’s true though you know when you’ve been friend zoned and you may probably feel like the person in the ad, embarrassed. There can a number of reasons why a man or woman would friend zone you. You may have just been friend zoned by your own boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t you just hate when your man or woman says “Lets be friends”? its like a demotion LOL and I’m in the business of moving up…promotion all they way. However the friend zoning I’m going to discuss today are between males and females that are not in a relationship but one of them wants to be. Friend zone reasons could be as follows;

Number 1 “I have a girlfriend/boyfriend. I’m the type of person to respect this reason and I have the upmost respect for the guy who admits this because too many man love to lie about it. When women say this, men tend to ignore it, its like they are even more interested, the challenge is on! I was laughing but quite impressed when I saw this on my friend Chantelle status the other day…


Number 2 “You’re not my type”. This one is hard on the ego, pictures posted anywhere these days have filters. Snapchat is dedicated to filters and they are fun to use, but ask yourself when is the last time you posted a picture without a filter? People are constantly trying to alter their ego (did you see what I did there?) by masking themselves, cutting stuff out, just to be “your type”…whatever that means. Men, however are responding to this quite differently, I saw a whole post dedicated to this by a guy who was told by an attractive female at a bar that he was not her type. He had spent a good portion of the evening chatting her up only to be told that at the end. To avoid this situation again, his advice to other men was to use reverse psychology. He suggests that before the girl has a chance to reject him, he’s going to reject her…subtly. He will turn around and say something like “I don’t think you can keep up with my fast paced lifestyle, I don’t think you’re exciting enough”, this in turn will make the girl try to prove to him that she’s fun and exciting. I remember back in the day a guy tried this with me, but he said “Don’t fall in love with me”. Love wasn’t even on my mind but this is a NLP technique (look it up), and it works very well in job interviews, you ask a question or suggest something that makes the person picture you in their mind. The technique didn’t work on me at the time because I wasn’t around him enough for him to try and programme me further, but I must admit I was confused. When men say stuff like that, women being the cerebral creatures we are will start thinking “Rah DO I LOVE THIS GUY?” It does actually work and its probably the reason why married couples wake up next to each other thinking…”How did I end up with you?” LOL.

friend zone

Number 3 “You’re too young for me” Again this statement feeds into the above argument because when you tell a male or female this they will immediately try to prove to you how mature they are. It seems like no one takes no for answer where attraction is concerned, then depending on how persistent they are you eventually give in because you admire their efforts. If you don’t want to be bewitched or caught in a rabbit hole though, always go with your gut feeling and your first impressions because if you go against it, when it all goes south, in hindsight you’ll wonder why you didn’t listen to yourself in the beginning.

There are many reasons to be friend zoned, so many it will take me all day to list, but the three listed above are enough to get you thinking and to provoke discussion as always. Have you ever been friend zoned? Have you ever had to friend zone anyone? Tell me your stories below.



4 thoughts on “Friend zoned

  1. Haha. I have being friend zoned loads of times. To be honest I don’t feel anyway about it as I take it approaching women is a game of numbers. Even very good looking guys get turned down loads of times. On average for 7 out of 10 women turn you down. Out of the 3, 2 will friend zone you after 1 date and with the last 1 things might go a bit further.

    I best friend zone excuse is when a lady said “- you are just too perfect . You are over 30, no kids, funny, witty, outgoing and comfortable with your place on earth. You must be putting it on or lying and I don’t want to take the risk of you letting me down so I will not go
    18 months later she was married to an ex pimp/drug dealer with a mouth full of gold teeth and 4 kids and 3 baby mothers. I had to laugh…. I obviously was too safe and not exciting enough….😂😂😂

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    1. Haha seriously? A drug dealer? This sounds like my previous post Bad boys vs Mature men, women crave masculine energy and sometimes the bad boys display this image all too readily although this can be a false sense of security.


  2. I’m going to use that one.
    ” Sorry,I think I am too well travelled and cultured for you”
    He’s gonna be like ” Trust me babes , it’s cool . I got you.” Then he’ll buy me an all inclusive holiday to one of the Pacific Islands and we’ll backpack around South East Asia together. Yaaaay! ☺️🤛

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