About me

Hi I’m Kerisha. I was jointly named by my mother and father. My mum originally wanted to call me Kareece (thank God she didn’t otherwise I probably would have been called Crease all my life lol) but my dad said “Call her Kerisha”. My dad said that my name derives from the Welsh name Ceri which means ‘to love’, so when people ask me the meaning of my name I tell them this…Kerisha is the remix of Ceri.


Anyway welcome to my blog ‘Pieces of Me’ which is essentially about relationships. It explores all kinds of relationships like family relationships, work relationships, male and female relationships and most importantly my relationship with God. You will also see excerpts from my book ‘Pieces of Me’ which features poetry. I am by no means an expert or a guru on any of the topics posted on here but since I like to talk I would like to have an open dialogue with all who read my posts.

Currently I am a music teacher, working in an international school in Dubai. I believe that the best teachers are eternal students. So here I am…a student of life.

Here is an excerpt from my book Pieces of Me that I mentioned earlier…


8 thoughts on “About me

  1. It’s good to see you know the origin of your name in terms of the meaning and how it came to be. Strong foundations are what make some of the world’s most monumental structures both memorable and inspiring… I hope your readers will find the pieces of you to be both memorable and inspiring

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  2. @ther4u 😀 Thank you for a great morning today. You’re the best. My email below. Just .me “no” .com in my email address. Yes I’m Black, american and digging you. 😀Okay sooo let’s chat sometime? Also left one of mr websites below as well as to what are some of the things I do… Not all just some. Love your blog 100%.

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