5 Attractive Male Characteristics

If a woman doesn’t love you, she calls you “brother” Côte d’Ivoire Proverb

A fairly short post this week folks just sharing the types of male traits that I find attractive. I put a picture of Denzel Washington above because to me his image is the epitome of a good father, good husband, good role model. Whether that is actually the case in real life, only his family knows, but his marriage of  30 years proves a testament to us all of his commitment to marriage. I have listed 5 attractive traits, but attraction should not be mistaken for love, these things are an ideal but it doesn’t always keep a woman. As usual you can agree, disagree or add what you find attractive in the comment section. Next week will be 5 Attractive Female Characteristics (from a male perspective).

The Intelligent guy  (You know who you love but you can’t know who loves you. Nigerian proverb)

I’m a sapiosexual. Meaning I find intelligence a sexually attractive feature. There is nothing I love more than a man who can express himself intelligently via communication. He doesn’t have to use extravagant words or speak in the Queens English but he should be able to teach me something. I also find it attractive when he can speak another language (*Singing Trey Songz…that foreign, that foreign!). Now intelligence comes in many forms, Howard Gardner says there are nine types of intelligences;

Naturalists, Musical, Logical, Existential, Interpersonal, Bodily-Kinaesthetic, Linguistic, Intra-personal and Spatial. To get a more in depth explanation on what these mean please click on this link here.

As stated earlier I like a man who can articulate himself with words, he’s a great conversationalist and at the same time has a lot of knowledge, he is able to teach me stuff. This would probably come under the linguistic and existential intelligence umbrella.

The Funny Guy (Love doesn’t rely on physical features. Lesotho Proverb)

I was discussing this with some friends the other day and we said that a funny guy is always popular with the girls. Make a girl laugh, and I mean genuinely laugh not because she pity’s you, then you will win her over. It’s pretty easy to make me laugh because I’m quite a happy soul, but on occasions I may be doubled over with tears streaming down my face when something is really funny. You are extremely funny if I’m still laughing at the jokes weeks or even months down the line. This would probably fall under the interpersonal intelligence too. This guy has the ability to interact effectively with others.

The Talented Guy (One who loves the vase, loves also what’s inside. Kenyan Proverb)

Any guy that has a special talent is attractive. Particularly for me if you can sing or dance or draw or skate or play an instrument or if you are just genuinely good with your hands….oh if you can cook! Coz I love food! I will think you are amazing. We all know how talent can make a man look fantastic, some of those famous people today probably wouldn’t even get a second look if they were just an average Joe walking down the street…and yes air brushing and a whole pot of money makes a big difference too.

The Alpha Male (The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love. Morrocan Proverb)

He is someone who is able to take the lead…make firm decisions but not in a domineering or overpowering way. He is responsible and commands respect from those around him without having to throw his weight around. He is ever so masculine. He’s a good communicator and he often goes where no man dares to tread.

The Sensitive Guy (He who loves you, loves you with your dirt. Ugandan Proverb)

This may contradict what was said above but either extreme can be disastrous, I think a balance of the two makes an extremely attractive guy. He is able to understand you’re feelings and motives and act accordingly. He won’t just ignore your feelings but will listen and treat you like a delicate flower because he knows you are fragile. John Legend says it best in his song ‘All of Me’, “How many times do I have to tell you, even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too, the world is beating you down, I’m around through every mood”. Meaning he has taken the time to understand her as she goes through the seasons of life.



2 thoughts on “5 Attractive Male Characteristics

  1. When u said it’s pretty easy to make u laugh lol that had me 😂😂😂 remember when I was giving a testimony and u was sitting there bussing up😂😂 but I like what ur doing u make me think about life in a different perspective. U may need to find me some one m having trouble! So we need to talk asap I need advice and a hook up lol


    1. Lol, yes I do remember…thanks, I will definitely help you as much as I can Dean, you should sign up for the singles mixer and I’ll give you the dates for the U.K. one.


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