Attractive female characteristics

As promised here is the female version to the previous post, 5 attractive male characteristics. Thanks to all the males that took part in the survey, it was really interesting to hear your thoughts on this topic. What was even more interesting was the fact that the majority of men each had a different set of criteria as oppose to the women who had similar ideas about what they found attractive. This could mean one of two things, the idea that men are ‘simple’ is a myth or that men don’t actually know what they want because they don’t really think about it. I would like to think its the former. So for the purpose of this post I didn’t just stick to five characteristics I choose the most interesting ones, as its hard enough to get men to communicate I might aswel bear it all whilst I have the opportunity. Anyway with out further ado. Enjoy!

Miss IntelligentintellegentSome men are looking for a woman who is educated and smart. We are not just talking about wearing glasses that make you look smart, but ideally one who has some kind of educational accolades under her belt. How about someone who likes to read? Some men are intrigued by women who have a library of books on display in her home. I spoke about being a sapiosexual last week, Its great to see that there are some men out there who think intelligence is sexy too. Get those certificates out on display ladies even if they are from secondary school, because it may lead you down the aisle LOL. Love with your mind first and your heart second.


Miss Positive – Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Do you always have a screw face on? Are you miserable on a daily basis? A happy disposition is an attractive feature because women can be scary, especially when a man has to approach you for the first time. A smile really does go a long way. Its ok to be friendly, I think I’m polite to a fault though and sometimes feel bad when saying no to a guys advances but if you do it in a friendly way I’m sure there will be no bad feelings. “A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit” (Proverbs 15v13).


Miss Generous – “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” (Proverbs 11v25). I guess men want to be treated to stuff too, even though the traditional idea of men giving to women is predominant in most cultures. I believe this to be an easy one, because I am yet to come across a women that is not willing to give to a man she is attracted to. If she is reluctant to give, its important to find out why. Maybe she’s not use to giving because nobody has given to her. Her cup doesn’t runneth over and she feels empty and this could be because people always take from her or she’s just stingy. Its up to you to find out.generosity-hands-and-hearts

Miss FemininefeminineThis is a really important one. Men are rarely attracted to masculine women, in the same way females are rarely attracted to feminine men. Its important for a man to see your soft, sensual, elegant and graceful side. I know quite a few females including myself who at some point in their lives are just use to doing things on their own so when a man comes along to help, you are not use to it and therefore can be aggressive. Aggression in females is not sexy. Although some women are with men now that they have aggressively pursued. That may have worked for him, however its evident that some men, dare I say REAL men prefer to do the chasing. Be the yin to his yang.

Miss Ambitious– careerYes hardworking women came up as an attractive feature. A woman who is settled in her career or knows what she wants out of life is attractive to men (check out proverbs 31). I always thought that men were scared of this type of woman but I guess not (maybe it depends on how much money she makes). One guy said that he wants a hardworking woman so that he’s able to miss her throughout the day. Awww

honestyMiss Trustworthy – He wants a woman that is honest, reliable and trustworthy. Although men usually take the rap for being liars and cheats, there are plenty women who do the same. Be sure to be honest with him as honesty goes a long way in making a relationship last. Set the foundation from the beginning and watch for the early warning signs to detect a liar from early…If she lies to the people around her she will probably lie to you. “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment” (Proverbs 12v19).

 Miss Affectionate – YES, there are some men out there that like PDA and cuddles on the sofa, holding hands and sweet sensual kisses. Miss affectionate is perfect for Mr Sensitive which I wrote about in my last post. We are all weary of a man who moves too fast and we you may laugh but there are men who think the same about women. Small acts of affection like the ones listed above gives the man a green light that you like him. If you are interested in a man then act interested, it doesn’t have to be on the first date but after spending a significant amount of time with them its ok.









There were plenty others like being open minded, a woman who knows what she wants, a woman who is feisty, supportive, nurturing…etc but I’d be here all day if I truly did list them all. In closing I’ll leave you with one more which is…mystery! Men like to have the element of discovery and if he’s serious about you he’ll stick around till the end to find out.mystery




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