It is NOT good for man to be alone!

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” Genesis 2v18

Am I the only one not in agreement with this independent woman malarky? Sorry Beyonce but I need partnership. Even with past failed relationships I would still choose love. How can one be fruitful alone? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for being treated right and not doting on a man 24/7, and of course I am pursuing my own dreams and goals. However is this independent hype just a cover up for loneliness? Answer this question (Honestly!) would you rather be alone on a desert island or stuck on a desert island with someone you dislike? I think I’d choose the latter simply because two is better than one. Our purpose is to be fruitful and multiply, and we achieve this through relationship, this can simply be seen in nature (even the bees need flowers for pollen). The scripture above was what God said after bringing all the animals to Adam to be named by him. Some people say that God was bringing the animals to him so that he could chose a helper, I believe he was showing Adam that the animals come in pairs so that they can produce after their own kind. As he saw that the beast of the field whom he had dominion over came as a pair, he probably wondered ‘Why am I single’? So God then proceeded to make Eve.

So when people say ‘you don’t need a partner’ I have to ignore them because it was Gods design from the very beginning. Man has everything he needs within him including a partner (because the woman was taken out of man). From that moment like a Russian doll everything produces after its own kind, humans as well as animals and the cycle continues. One of the first things God said to mankind was “Be fruitful, and multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it” (Gen 1v28). In other words fill the earth, God loves abundance, desolation is an abomination! Man was not made to be alone and the earth is not here to be empty. If you are truly happy being single, then by all means continue to be happy, but for those of you who battle with the idea of being alone, know that it is not Gods plan nor is it his will. We should be promoting unity and not independence.

The following is a poem from my book Pieces of Me, please feel free to comment below on what your thoughts are about the poem and my thoughts above.

alone or all one


4 thoughts on “It is NOT good for man to be alone!

  1. Good read, Weldone Keri! I agree… we need companionship and all but what should one do if things aren’t working? Some relationships can be mended while some simply can’t! Now does that mean we should be serially monogamous, moving from one failed relationship to another? My take is, it all depends. Some folks move on swiftly, some do not. Nothing is cast in stone really, but I think we should be very careful when going into relationships in the first place! Love a person for Their essence, not because of what they have or how they look etecera. At the same time we need to forgive. Forgive and forget. No one is perfect!


    1. Hi Zelle, first of all thanks for your comment. My answer to your question is ‘How can two walk together unless they agree? (Amos 3v3) (lol another question) most of the time relationships don’t work because some how the people involved are no longer on the same page, and usually (not all the time) at the beginning of the relationship you have so many things in common…you agree…so why can’t you agree when you come to a cross road? I guess thats why we have cliche sayings like ‘compromise’ and ‘agree to disagree’ when it comes to relationships, because ultimately the goal should be to reach the destination together. We should go into a relationship with the mindset, what can I give and not what can I get, otherwise we will bail when we are not happy. Its true if a relationship is not working then you shouldn’t stay for the sake of it, you’ve got to have your boundaries. Above all else you must guard your heart at all times for it is the well spring of life (proverbs 4v23), a relationship shouldn’t drain you, but it should be a balance of give and take. Never leave yourself empty even in friendships. Failed relationships are just trial runs for the real thing as long as you learn from your experiences and don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the cycle of dating the same person with a different face.


  2. Love the poem, looking forward to reading your book.

    Your reasoning of Yahuah showing Adam the animals in pairs makes sos much sense. As you said, it’s in nature. It’s kind of the way of life too, giving, communing, sharing, experiences etc. It sort of cumulates with having that partner, then kids, the family to share your life with and that which you love. As much as sharing is great, you always receive from what you’ve given. Be that with a partner, give love and what you receive is oooooooon poooooint!

    Whatever age or stage I know I am blessed,
    but #SaveMeFromTheBattleOfSingleness!

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