Dear Black People

Rather than talking and debating about the monstrosities going on in America right now, we need to shift our thinking to being solution focused. A lot of people are talking about protesting and marching which is all well and good, if we all decide to ACTUALLY do it. However, yesterday there was suppose to be a march down at the US Embassy, a friend and I went down there…you know there was no one there???? It was so embarrassing after so many people were hyping it on Facebook, talking about, “yeah I’m there 7 O’Clock”. Anyway I’m not here to dwell on the negative but like I said its all about being solution focused, we need ideas of how we are going to take a stand against this and actually stick to it, so please leave your solutions below.

Unfortunately there is too much talk going on within our culture and not enough action. I’m not even from America but I feel the pain and the plight of my people, and it hurts to know that we can’t even stand together when it comes to human life. It’s happening so much (these murders) that we are becoming desensitised to it. Action needs to be taken, if it’s a war then so be it, if you wanna take the peaceful route then hit them in the economy. Stop buying products from these corporate companies and name brand clothing lines and start supporting our own business, better yet start creating more of our own. We need to stand together for something and it needs to start today. I’m tired of the protesting and the debating, we need to be solution focused and think about something right now, TODAY!

Black men where is your fighting spirit? Black men have been public enemy number one for centuries and it seems like the only thing that entices you to violence is another black man! Have him look at you the wrong way of step on your foot and you wanna kill him!!! This behaviour is absurd, why can’t you save that fire for the people who really need it? Why is it always the black woman who has your back and is screaming the loudest for you? I read on another blog that we are the only race interested in integration (read the post here…very insightful), every other cultures parents are militant when it comes to interracial dating because they understand the importance of preserving their culture. It is true that we have always drawn the short stick because we had our history stolen from us and erased from memory so we don’t even know where we are coming from. Well it’s time to educate ourselves, know your history and be proud and stop waiting for the white man to validate you.

Meanwhile the church is praying…which I don’t have a problem with. What I do have a problem with is the fact that they don’t highlight the warrior spirit of the people they preach about in the bible such as David, Joshua, Gideon and Peter, they all had a fighting spirit. When Goliath came to defy the army of Israel did David pray in a corner? or did he say “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” Make no mistake David said he would kill him and did it. That same David said about God “You train my hands for war and my fingers for battle”. I know you’re probably saying that the battle is spiritual now and we are no longer permitted to fight in the flesh. Well I say are we being killed spiritually or in the flesh right now? Because it kinda looks like real life to me. Yes I am angry and yes I can’t even get all my thoughts out on the page fast enough, it’s probably not even making any sense.

Anyway here is a link to a list of black owned companies in the uk you can start pumping your money into. It’s not much but it’s a start. In the meantime between time what ideas do you have?


5 thoughts on “Dear Black People

  1. I am shocked by your perspective of action in the US but also thoroughly appreciate it. What you are often seeing as stagnency and “all talk” is simply stifling of the work that is actually being done. There are groups, organizations , individuals and even (though only a handful) of our celebrities who have been at least since the murder of Trayvon Martin have been working tirelessly at real solutions for liberation of Black People in the United States.

    Black America is more “woke” than ever now and it is a start. In the beginning phases it was respectable lives verse ratchet lives. We now have all touched and agreed that it is ALL black lives. I see less and less people blaming their own community and instead actually coming out to unify and help.

    While we aren’t in physical formation yet, the conversation is moving in the direction of strategy and action beyond marching. It’s a start, please be patient with us. Again I really appreciate your perspective. It speaks to how America media operates

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  2. is there the same divisiveness between black people and white people in the uk?

    not all of us here see people by their color. many of us see them by their actions regardless of color or language. the statistics are very sad here and often ignored. that doesn’t mean there isn’t racism, it just means the whole picture is never portrayed … only the parts that a few choose for others to see to manipulate the ‘data’.

    there are many, many good black people here – most people are good. and there are many who are trying to tell the real truth about what it going on, but that info is often hard to find 😦 .



    1. Thanks for your comment. Fortunately the UK is not as segregated as parts of America. Where I’m from in London is very multicultural but we have had (and still do have) our fair share of institutional racism. We cannot deny its there in the same way we cannot deny there are beautiful, pure hearts that come from all cultures. Unfortunately its incidents like this that forces you to realise ‘wow i’m black and thats really a problem for some people’. Thanks for the links, I loved the video with the guy giving free hugs xxx


  3. Give solutions…
    Hmmm…well, this is genocide and the US would be happy to be rid of all Black flesh. We have a right to life, to a dignified, free life. We need international allies like Cuba had Russia in order to fight our Goliath and change laws. We do not have the gunpower or manpower as the US Army.
    I’m not American, I’m Canadian and I face systemic and personal racism and oppression daily. I am ready to be a martyr like Korryn Gaines. Where is our fighting spirit? However, we cannot fight for a lost cause. We must make a better world for the next Black generation. And, we must appeal to the government to change the laws that has so entrenched us in this treatment.
    Yes, economically but we must units. As one, we are very powerful. We need everyone woke and as many comrades as it takes until people with Black skin don’t have to live under the domination of White skin anymore.

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