The Sea of Relations

I see you in that boat in the middle of the sea,

Although I can hardly swim you say “Come join me”

So I do, we’re both in the boat and for a while its fun

We laugh, we joke and tell stories of previous ones

We eat, we share, we eat some more

No sleeping is involved because there’s so much to explore

The days are long and sunny and the sea is calm

Till one day a dark cloud appears on the horizon

The laughter fades and its no longer exciting

You can’t ignore it and you feel an argument rising

The storm gets closer and its raining on the ship

I sit, because even though I saw it coming I’m not equipped

I would jump out and swim but its too far to the shore

Quick! Either we get under shelter or use the sails

“Do we anchor and stay or drift some more?” he says

I prefer we keep going and see where this takes us

Immediately after saying that I jump out and swim

The sea is rough, its raining and I’m expecting him to get in

And when he doesn’t I get all the more angry

“You see I’m drowning why wont you rescue me”?

Its stupid I know because I could have just stayed in the ship

The boat didn’t capsize, the boat didn’t flip

He didn’t throw you overboard or make you walk the plank

In a sea of nothingness and who do you have to thank?

YOURSELF! For being scared and creating drama over a storm

But you see the cloud passing overhead and your face is getting warm

As the sun returns the boat is coming in your direction

A strong hand pulls you out of the water, its him! Its your reflection

“I didn’t rescue you at the time you wanted, I stayed anchored so you’d see

I’m not going anywhere so when you’re tired of thrashing about in the sea

I’ll be here waiting to continue the journey I asked you to join

And the next time theres a storm or a change in weather

You’ll learn that no matter how rough it gets we are in this ship TOGETHER”.


Do you find yourself making rash decisions and sabotaging your relationships?

All it takes is one person to stay anchored, and have the maturity to see the relationship through all kinds of storms. Shout out to all the relationships that are 10 years or more in and are still going strong. What is your secret?


7 thoughts on “The Sea of Relations

  1. OMG this post is so true…I have experienced the same thing and might still be experiencing it and it’s so true. Sometimes it takes one person to saty put and do nothing and make you realize you are over-reacting and you need to trust more or just hold on. Thank you so much for this. You just made my day.


  2. Very well written, I’m very impressed with the simplicity of the piece yet it carries such a powerful and moving message, It took me on a journey of the love lifeline born from fear, I was able to relate this to the spiritual journey I’ve had with God for the past few years, He is always willing even when I am not.
    Good job


  3. Great Kerisha! Absolutely great! So much to take from this post. We definitely need to think and consider our loved one/s before we make any major changes, especially in a relationship. “A family that prays together stays together” !

    Keep them coming girl!



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