Ebb and Flow

A man in tune with his woman knows when to talk, when to listen and when to draw her into his arms. His ability to read her energy, to touch and embrace her is what allows her to trust him completely and respond with the intimacy he desires. Graham R White.

If a man is sensitive to your energy, he’s a keeper. Communication is important to me (being a sapiosexual and all) but I’m starting to appreciate communication that goes beyond words. In previous posts I have spoken about words being powerful, which I believe they are and some people’s words are so potent that things manifest immediately after they have spoken it. My mother is like that, if she says something is going to happen…it WILL happen. She has a gift, potency of words and its probably the reason why people with this gift don’t talk much incase their words cause unnecessary harm. The other side to this can be people who say one thing but the spirit behind the words are completely different. Has a man ever told you he loves you but for some reason you don’t believe him? Yes actions speak louder than words but in the absence of action we use intuition, we use our natural gifts to determine if someone is being genuine. Listen to your gut (or your heart), ignoring it could be detrimental. So what is my point? Sometimes we get angry at the man we are with because he doesn’t know how to communicate in the way we are used to, which is talking. However I’m beginning to learn men do communicate, and its more so through the things they do for you.

Patience is not one of my strong points, if I want something I go and get it. If I’m thinking something I usually say it. I can’t hold anger in, if I do I feel like a volcano ready to erupt. So meeting someone who is completely opposite to me has been a learning curve. As I have pointed out in previous post complementary opposites is the natural order of the universe. Every thing in life is about ebb and flow like the tide, you win some, you lose some, you rise, you fall, input/output. In relationships its all about the perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies. I tend to describe my current relationship as the Tortoise and the Hare story. Me being the hare because I want everything NOW NOW NOW, him being the tortoise because he is more cautious and methodical. The beauty of a relationship like this is our natures balance each other out. He teaches me to slow down and smell the roses which results in a greater appreciation for the little things in life and I teach him how to be impulsive and take risks which results in satisfaction by having more opportunities at his disposal and realising spontaneity can be fun. Don’t get frustrated when your significant other does things differently to you. Don’t get upset when they don’t do things your way, as a teacher I believe there’s a lesson in everything. Why do I love this type of relationship? because I’m the brains and he’s the body. My feminine energy points to the destination and his Masculine energy builds the road we need to get there. I can’t be impatient…Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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