Masters and Disasters

There are two types of relationships that I have observed. Masters of Peace and Designers of Disaster.

The Masters of Peace – Their main aim is to create harmony and peace in a relationship and it functions like a well oiled engine. I’m not saying there won’t be any arguments, a good relationship is not measured by lack of disagreements but it’s how you overcome arguments. How well can you repair the damage? The foundation of their relationship is established from the beginning as it steers the relationship to the desired destination. It helps if both parties are on the same…path (pun intended).

The Designers of Disasters – Get board easily. Find excuses to quit. Are looking for reasons to bail on their significant other rather than finding reasons to stay. They are only interested in the physical aspects of the relationship and nothing else. Self gratification is the number one ingredient to a recipe of disaster.

After researching married couples secrets to long lasting relationships, trust and friendship seems to be the most popular reasons for a successful relationship, and if these are strong then everything else can be built upon it. The reason why friendship is important is because you have to actually like the person you are with, it’s all well and good saying I love soandso but do you actually like them? You may think this is a weird question because why would anyone want to be with each other if they dislike each other? Well a lot of people stay together out of duty to one another, for the sake of children, they have a business together or they’ve bought a house together. Sounds a lot like marriage doesn’t it? The reason why it does is because the institution of marriage was originally brought about to share assets and keep the wealth within the family. So what’s love got to do with it? Love don’t pay dese bills!!! For the first time ever I actually understand what Tina Turner was talking about.

In today’s society where women make as much (and in some cases more) as men do, the need to marry for love becomes more paramount. What’s love got to do with it if you don’t actually like each other? Nevertheless the point is that a relationship that is a masterpeace (yes I meant to spell piece like that) involves two people who enjoy each others company, they are emotionally sensitive enough to give each other space when needed, they keep each other company, they kiss each other goodnight, but ultimately they never quit on each other. How is it that people can be more committed to paying bills than they are each other? People who say they are commitment phobes are committed to something, even if its just the thought that they are!

Trust needs no explanation, it goes without saying that its fundamental for any relationship to flourish, and once it is broken it is very hard to reestablish. After the love is gone you would probably still care for each other, after the sex is gone you would probably still be friends but after the trust is gone the relationship is broken. It takes forgiveness and repentance (a change of mind or a turning away from wrong) from the person who caused the offence. You can forgive but it would be better if the understanding between you was so great that either party didn’t do things to be sorry for. Either way forgiveness is a virtue and when someone is truly sorry it is evident in their actions as well as words.

So is your relationship is Masterpeace in the making?

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