We have a right and a left hand, this is man and woman, equals, complementary opposites. Anon.

It is celebrated when women think like men, there are books and even a film dedicated to this topic, but is it ok for men to think like women? If I was to answer this without thinking about it the answer would be no. Why? Well, personally I have not seen this promoted in society, in fact men are ridiculed for thinking or acting like a female. Just to be clear in this post I’m not talking about their sexuality, I’m talking about their way of thinking.

Each person has a masculine and feminine side or what I’d prefer to call yin and yang. Yin is so called feminine and yang is so called masculine. It has nothing to do with appearance but the nature of the thing in question. In Chinese cultures natural as well as inanimate objects are classed in yin or yang categories. In the zodiac you have masculine and feminine signs, masculine signs are fire and air signs such as Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. Feminine signs are Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. Now in my mind that doesn’t mean that all Cancers look feminine whether your male or female or all Leos look masculine whether you’re male or female. If you replace masculine with yang and feminine with yin it means something completely different. Yang is active, it is the initiator it is the mover it has creative power.  Yin is receptive, the incubator, its passive, its power is intuitive. To illustrate an analogy think of the soil and the seed. The seed has massive potential with in it but it can’t grow with out the soil (and other elements of course), or sperm needs the egg to grow a baby, either way yang needs yin and yin needs yang.

I say all of this for a particular reason. Going back to what I mentioned earlier about thinking like and man or woman no matter the gender. Traditionally it is taught that men should pursue women, and I’m a traditional girl I think men should, but what if its not in his nature? We are led by our thoughts. Using zodiac signs as an example if a man is an earth or water sign that doesn’t mean they naturally act like women but their nature may be reserved and reactive as oppose to initiative and active. If a female has a lot of masculine signs in her birth chart (if you don’t know what a birth chart is go to cafe astrology and use the free birth chart calculator to find out yours) that will naturally make her the go getter, the initiator the pursuer. My rising sign is Virgo which means upon first meeting me I am very reserved usually I’m quiet around new people. After the initial meeting is over and I know the people around me better my sun sign Sagittarius shines through which is more friendly and open. So you could even use the terms magnetic and dynamic there is so many examples of duality but the main point is complementary opposites bring about equilibrium. So examine the nature of people around you perhaps they don’t act the way you want them to because its not in their nature.

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