As fast as the wind rushing through the trees,
Leaders of the zodiac meet Aries,
Head strong like an ox, materials things are us
Bull in a china shop meet Taurus
Communication is everything, many friends have I,
Can sometimes be fickle meet Gemini,
As deep as the ocean, intuition is the answer,
Switch moods like the weather meet Cancer,
Need to be noticed, heads turn as I go,
Hate being ignored, meet Leo
Life’s full of drama, life’s full of woe,
But I love to fix the problem, meet Virgo
Can’t make up my mind, I switch like a lever,
Love to get dolled up introducing Libra,
My mind runs deep, if your shallow you gots to go,
My stare is really piercing, call me Scorpio
Travel the world in a flash, lots of issues to discuss
Need to work on that tact, I’m Sagittarius
Lover of money, work from dusk till dawn,
Need stability, call me Capricorn
Very cerebral, infact quite hilarious
Love doing it my way only, I’m Aquarius,
Cry me a river, cry me a sea,
I’m original, meet Pisces.

A poem from my book Pieces of Me, check it out here.

I don’t read horoscopes, but I do believe that people possess similar characteristics depending on the time of year they are born. As a Sagittarius I believe we love to travel, we are extremely generous and we are lovers of knowledge, which make us great teachers. Sagittarians are also hot heads, and can be quick tempered. I also think I’m completely different to every other Sagittarius I’ve met, but funnily enough that is a sagittarian trait, we always think we’re unique.  Not as much as Aquarius though, if you ever want to annoy an Aquarius, tell them that they are exactly the same as everyone else, because they pride themselves on being different and sometimes (well maybe not sometimes…but all the time) weird. Their opposite of the zodiac Leo, also likes to be noticed but not for being weird, for being the prettiest or the best at something, they are either known for being the life of the party, caring and loyal, but can also be superficial. Aries, (the 3rd member of the fire element trio, Sag, Leo, Aries), they also love attention but through  things that you have to compete or work hard for like sports or work related things. Aries people are very clever. Capricorn has a reputation for being the hardest working sign, and so far I am yet to meet a lazy Capricorn and I know quite a few of them, they work hard but play even harder. They can also be quite materialistic. Scorpians are wise beyond their years, they stare at you at lot, or so it seems…sometimes it’s because they are working you out in their head, if they’ve known you for a while they may stare but might not actually be thinking about you at all even though they are looking at you. Scorpions are known for having that sting, but they are deeply emotional and they love you literally to death. They are the epitome of ride or die. Virgos are super helpful, they show love through their little acts of service. They might help you with a problem by giving practical solutions or help you move house, they are also extremely intelligent. They pay attention to detail, so they’ll be the one to notice all the spelling mistakes in this text. I don’t really know much about Taurus, they are probably the only star sign that I’ve had the least contact with. If there are any typical traits that they all have I’m not very sure what they are. However the ones I do know like nice things, enjoy food and can be extremely stubborn. I think Cancerians are really funny. Every time I hang out with a Cancer I laugh till I cry. They are very emotional, they can disappear on you at the drop of a hat and never speak to you again if you’ve upset them. They can also be hard to get rid of (think about the crabs pincers). Gemini’s are social butterflies, they have the gift of the gab, they talk a lot. Sometimes they talk so fast because they have so much information they want to get out and there’s just not enough time in the day. I also think they have short attention spans, they get bored easy, so if you have a Gemini as a friend for longer than 5 years, you must be really interesting. They are the type to skip all the other information above and just read their part. They are also very popular. Libra is another social butterfly. Librians also like beautiful things, and can be very artistic, whether they are an actual artist or they like decorating (the house or themselves through wearing makeup). They also like to be in relationships so if a libra is not always socialising it’s because they’re in a relationship. They are quite indecisive too. Pisces are very dreamy characters, they’re always fantasising about something, someone or someday. They can also be quite artistic, and sometimes make great authors because of their wild imaginations. They can be sensitive too, no doubt I’ll probably hear from a Pisces moaning about what I’ve just written LOL. They are soft hearted and love hard.

Let me know if these statements strike a chord with you or anyone you know.

Peace and love xx

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  1. Watch the series called this is us it is about a group of people all born on the same day and it challenges the notion that they have similar characteristics.

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