Motivational Mecca 3

Don’t just be a consumer, be a producer. Get creative and challenge yourself to make something, create something, manifest something that you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know how. The best way to overcome procrastination is to just do something!

This is my 50th post since starting my blog, my blog started off as an idea in one of my scrap books and one day I just decided to create one. I’m a big thinker and I needed a place to share my thoughts and here I am 50 posts later. They say necessity is the mother of invention, so this post is dedicated to 10 great inventors, hope they inspire you.

1. Alexander Miles 1887 – The next time you are standing in an Elevator, think about Miles, who invented the mechanism that allows the doors to open and close automatically. Before this idea doors were operated manually.

a miles

2. Garrett Morgan – This multi genius created two very essential items vital for safety The Gas mask 1912 (which was then named a “safety hood”) and the Traffic light 1923.

garrett morgan

3. Thomas W. Stewart – The Mop, a simple idea but a clever invention. Stewart created a mop with a lever that allowed the water to be wrung out in 1893.

thomas stuwart

4. Lydia O. Newman – The Hair Brush 1898, another simple idea but where would you be without one now?

lydia o newman

5. Thomas Marshall – The Fire Extinguisher 1872, a compulsory requirement for every establishment, and a major part of health and safety, we thank you Mr Marshall.

fire exting

6. Robert F. Fleming Jr – The Euphonica Guitar, as a teacher of music, this literally brings music to my ears.

7. Osbourn Dorsey – The Door knob/door stop 1878, imagine a world without door handles…every door would have to be a swing door.

osborn dorsey

8. Walter B. Purvis – The fountain Pen 1884, I remember using this in school, it use to make my handwriting look really neat, I just hated when the ink ran out.

walter b purvis

9. George W. Carver – I love Peanut Butter, it just tastes so good and in a sandwich it keeps you full for a very long time. Carver was known as the peanut man, due to having over 100 recipes using peanuts, including peanut bread, peanut soup and peanut cake. He also believe that peanut oil treated the bones and muscles of polio sufferers and he used it as a massage oil.


10. William H. Richardson – The baby buggy 1889, would be an invention that was thought of by a male, boys and their toys.

william h richardson

4 thoughts on “Motivational Mecca 3

  1. Very inspirational. I’ve learnt a lot front this post.
    Congratulations on your 50th post. I remember you sharing the idea. Now a book and 50 posts later , here you are.
    Keep up the great work and the teachings. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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