Queens = Higher Value

To change a man, you must change your conception of him. You must first believe him to be the man you want him to be and mentally talk to him as though he were. (Neville Goddard).

Todays post is all about the females. I want to talk about demonstrating higher value, because with the rise of social media, women have been reduced to “likes” merely from how they look. Has self esteem fallen so low that we validate ourselves on how many likes we receive in a day? Are the high heels you wear to make yourself feel good, actually higher than your self esteem? It’s good to look after yourself and take pride in your appearance but it’s beautiful when people love, respect and admire you for whats inside the container. I’ve always said I’m a Sapiosexual, I love intelligent men, but does it go both ways? Do men enjoy talking to a woman who knows who she is and what she wants out of life? I would love to hear your views brothers. So what is higher value? It is a fine balance between passion and productivity. A woman who demonstrates higher value has the ability to make her man feel desired and admired (appealing to his ego), having the emotional intelligence to treat him like a man (knowing when to allow him to do the stuff he needs to do, and when to support him) while at the same time she has her OWN life. She is doing her own thing and not waiting on him hand and foot, or waiting around for him to give her something to do. Higher value is when you know how to fit into his life purpose without disrupting your own.

“If you consistently make him feel good being around you while enjoying your own full life separate from him, he’s not going anywhere. This is how a man attaches to you emotionally” (from the site selfgrowth.com). I wrote a post not so long ago called Pretty Girl Problems, it was all about pretty women who can’t get into a long term relationship, I think the advice above is a breakthrough for this problem. There is a reason females are the most emotional (or emotionally demonstrative) of the sexes but you need to use your feelings intelligently. Women need to start using their feelings and intuition more because you have it to save you from potential pitfalls in relationships. Just like in nature every animal has been equipped with some kind of survival mechanism, be it speed, camouflage, strength or a protective shell, women should use their feelings in the same way to protect them from relationship traps. Some women know from the beginning whether a man likes them for their bodies or for who they are. Ignoring the signals is what leads you down the rabbit hole. Even so, every relationship is there to teach you a lesson but lets not repeat the same mistakes. Another issue is also the belief that not enough men are seeking to better themselves from the inside out, this also may be true but you can’t keep looking in the same places expecting to find a different kind of man that you’ve met before unless you believe in chance. I think meeting your match by chance only happens when you’re not looking though.

Bottom line is demonstrating higher value in relationships or even on the dating scene will capture a mans heart better than just looks alone. With that being said I will leave you with this quote from the book Prayer the Art of Believing Β “All men are sufficiently sensitive to reproduce your beliefs of them. Therefore if your word is not reproduced visibly in him toward whom it is sent, the cause is to be found in you, not in the subject. As soon as you believe in the truth of the state affirmed, results follow” (Goddard, 2012:26).

Peace and love family x


6 thoughts on “Queens = Higher Value

  1. Interesting read. I think social media has created many problems in terms of maintaining relationships ( in terms of trying to copy other people, more easier temptation etc)

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