Visual Creatures

Men need images, lacking them they invent idols. (Ancient Egyptian Proverb)

It is common knowledge that men are visual creatures, but I have a confession to make…so am I. I love colours, I love presentation, I believe food should look nice, people should take care of their appearance and I like being surrounded by nice clean environments. I love nature, as I type I’m staring out of the window as the sun shines on the leafy green trees outside my window. I’m the type to notice a beautiful bird or smile at the colour of flowers in a garden. I like looking at beautiful things so why do women get offended when men do?

I had a conversation with a friend a while back and she said that if her husband was to look at another woman that would be a deal breaker for her. Now I understand where she is coming from, if a man is to be staring and drooling over another woman in your presence that is not cool. The reality is though there are so many beautiful women in the world, unless you want your man to be blind then its impossible for your man not to look at another woman. The joke is even a blind man probably has a vision of beauty in his mind and it may not be you. I had another conversation with a colleague and she was upset that her man kept liking other women’s photos on Instagram, these women looked nothing like her and it made her feel insecure because she thought well if thats what you like, why are you with me? I can understand her pain here because her man is actually taking action to get the other girls attention and I find that disrespectful. The issue isn’t whether or not they look at other women but its how he treats and thinks about you. A man who respects you is never gonna make you feel uncomfortable around another woman by flirting etc. A man who respects and loves you is not gonna cheat on you, he will shut down all types of advances from other women. If you still feel insecure after this then its an internal issue that you need to deal with. My point is, the world is a beautiful place, full of beautiful things and its part of the human experience to appreciate them.

That said…I was reading a story the other day of a woman who has been married for 14 years 11 of which her husband was addicted to pornography and she didn’t know. Needless to say this was a deal breaker for her. Upon finding out this has now destroyed her relationship, she began obsessing over ways to make herself be the only woman of interest for him. How would you feel if you found this out? My opinion (quite controversial as always) was so what???? He is not physically doing the act with another person. Men are visually stimulated so they watch porn, but if your man/husband was to get all bent out of shape because you were reading 50 shades of Grey how would you feel? You can’t get offended for men watching porn but then condone erotica because its written in a book. I’ve never read 50 shade of Grey by the way, I don’t have the desire to but I know people who have. I would laugh (not maliciously) if my friend said her husband is stressing because she reading that book or something similar.

We really have to evaluate our double standards people, I’m a firm believer in balance, I don’t think the world has to be over stimulated with visual images but we have been given vision for a reason. There is a reason why there are varying degrees of beauty and theres a reason why beauty, art and music are subjective. What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Visual Creatures

  1. You are one the most visual women I know. You have no tolerance for short people. That’s how visual you are!
    This was an interesting read.
    I find that I am visual in the sense that I expect to be attracted to my partner. And that’s all that matters.
    Men are indeed visual, but as we get older, maybe that changes. They say you end up with the opposite of what you want.
    Porn is a lot more dangerous than we think it is,and isn’t a form of cheating but it can lead to it for sure and creating a need for the man to experiment elsewhere outside the relationship.
    All men look elsewhere as women are so beautiful. But not all men act on it. If more people Married people they connected with , not just got on with, Ch and getting carried away by a person’s beauty wouldn’t be an issue.

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