Youtube Couples

If this is the state of black love…I don’t want to know. Believe it or not, I’m quite new to the awareness of internet sensations like Terroll and Nakita and Daina and Ahmet. I’ve only just been introduced to these to couples through friends. After watching a few videos I can see why people would be hooked to watching them. Both couples are good looking, they’re young, they do things to keep you interested in their channel such as pranks, challenges and answering questions from viewers. From a business perspective I think Youtube couples are a great idea and I wish I had thought of it first. The majority of these couples are making a lot of money from viewership and I think its fantastic. From a couples perspective I think it’s quite fickle, I’m not sensing a whole lot of realness from these couples. Real recognise Real is the motto, and I guess this is probably the reason why I don’t flock to their channel. Out of the two couples mentioned above I probably would say I prefer Ahmet and Daina because I think they are quite funny. Terroll and Nakita’s videos just seem super rehearsed and staged and I don’t like that. It’s like…who are you trying to fool? Even their supposed break up videos were edited and I’m thinking “ain’t this suppose to be from the heart?” You have to be involved to know what I’m talking about but if you ever have a spare hour or two then go and check out their channels.

I was speaking with a friend earlier about this and she was saying that it must be hard to live out your relationship in front of the whole world. I was thinking about this and I thought “yeah I guess so”, but then again it ain’t really no different to living out your relationship in real life. When you are in a relationship there are so many people rooting for your happiness and using you as the bar for their own relationship goals. When I broke up from my 6 year relationship I had one friend say “Awww you were my last couple left that I was counting on to make it”. It’s hard being in a long term relationship or even married and then break up because you don’t have to break up with that one person but you have to break up with their family and friends. After you have broken up you may bump into someone you haven’t seen in a long time and they’ll ask you “What happened to soandso?” and you’ll have to explain the whole thing again. Break ups are definitely like a battle field full of emotional landmines. You’ll constantly be reminded of that person through the music they used to listen to, how they used to smell, the places you frequented together. Doing it online, now just means that you have an archive of videos together that you can either keep up for people to continue viewing or delete. However only you and that person know how life really is together. I’m a person who is super sensitive to energies and for the majority of the time I can read between the lines, my take on the likes of Terroll and Nakita was that Nakita has an unhealthy obsession with herself and I see lots of surgery in her future if she doesn’t find substance within herself. I haven’t watched much of Ahmet and Daina but so far their relationship seems more real. Even though now there have been rumours of cheating within the marriage, it’s like I don’t know whether to believe it because they are the living representation of mixing business with pleasure. Beyonce and Jay Z are the king and queen of this…every time they drop an album I never feed into the hype because its usually a publicity stunt. Although I do think they have issues in their marriage they are smart enough to keep stacking their coins at your expense because people are nosey LOL.

In conclusion, never envy another persons relationship because reality is if you were to trade places you may not like what you see. I’m not gonna knock another mans/womans hustle but at the same time we really should be investing time into our own lives and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Youtube Couples

  1. Keep your relationship private till you are married
    All these internet couples are fooling people’s heads and giving them fake and unattainable relationship goals. And that’s why everyone is fickle and searching for perfectionism that does not exist.

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