Mr Almost and Miss Pretty Close

Relationships have nothing to do with good judgement, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. People otherwise known as intelligent are said to loose their intelligent mind when it comes to love. I tend to put greater emphasis on the relationships that I observe that are growth orientated. I believe relationships should be mutually beneficial and when two people effect each other in a mutual way, the connection endures even without communication. Can you imagine a world where women actually don’t freak out at their mans lack of responses?

A relationship is a journey not a destination. Everybody is looking for the perfect guy or the perfect woman, but does this person even exist? I like the way Bishop TD Jakes puts it “The best you can hope for is Mr Almost and Miss Pretty Close”. People are like houses, the best ones appreciate over time especially if they are looked after, some are strong and withstand the test of time, some collapse under pressure if the foundation ain’t right and with some the lights on but you know nobody’s home. This is something to ponder about because although you may think you met the man or woman of your dreams, how well do you know that person and can we ever really know someone? We think we do or at least we hope we do. There was once a woman that was married to a man for 30 years, he told her that he was going to the shop one afternoon and he never returned. After years of searching the wife later found out that he started a new life in a new state with someone else…like who does that??? Can we truly say that we know the people we lived with for years, we see them everyday yet we do not know what they are thinking or feeling unless they make it known to us verbally and even then they could be lying. Either way unless someone is naturally transparent and candid we are still quite selective with whom we choose to reveal our true selves to.

The Mr Right stereotype is tall, dark and handsome, has a good job, is making six figures, has no children (for some) is not a player, is generous, and blah blah blah…the list goes on. Lets be realistic, how many of these types of men exist in the world? With the ratio of men to women being like 7:1 what are the chances that you’ll land that type of guy? As women get older the list above starts to dwindle and most women will just be grateful if he has legs LOL. The culture we live in today doesn’t just want Mr Right but Mr Right Now, because we live for the now and hope for the best in the future. Mr Right could be the ideal partner that you’ve always wanted or he could be the learning curve for a particular stage in life. Your significant other should assist you in making clear decisions about what you want in life. If you decide that yes this is right for me, its exactly what we both need, we make a great team and we balance each other out then go for it. On the other hand you may decide this is not actually working for you, if that person drains your energy and never restores then you may decide to part ways.

In conclusion, relationship takes work from both side and there is no universally perfect relationship but people do get their ideal relationship even if it doesn’t seem that way to begin with. Saying that, I think I have seen the perfect couple. They are the pair that is stood on top of a wedding cake, if you study them closely you will find out the secret to their relationship…what is it…they never have to look at each other LOL.


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