Once upon a time there was a beautiful ratchet princess looking to find love on the internet. Tinder was her app of choice when it came to looking for the man of her dreams. She desired a 6 foot 2, handsome, funny guy who would not only sweep her off her feet but be down to post thousands of couple videos and pictures on instagram for the world to see how happy they were. She had to swipe right to a whole lot of frogs before she came across a ghetto fabulous prince who had also chosen her, which meant that they were a match. Without further ado she rushed to message him and say “Hi” in messages, then she had to stop herself because she didn’t want to seem eager, so she waited for him to message her first.  It didn’t take long for a “Hey” to pop up on her phone, “How you doing?” she replied, “I’m good, how are you?” he responded. The conversation flowed surprisingly well as they exchanged conversation on hobbies, occupation and where they would meet for the first time. After exchanging numbers and speaking through WhatsApp, the couple decided to meet each other…the very next day (I know kinda quick right, but how long would you wait to met a stranger?). Anyway they decided to meet for a dinner date and after the initial awkward silences the couple seemed to warm up to each other and they both start to feel very comfortable around each other.

Tinderella continues to meet up with the ghetto prince as she feels this is finally the one. After 3 weeks they had been spending a lot of time with each other and it seemed like the ghetto prince had the same relationship goals and visions as her. She decided it was time to leave Tinderville, so as she was about to delete her profile she had a look in her messages and realised the ghetto prince…was still on there, not only was he still on there but he was live at that particular moment. She ignored it. She thought nothing more of it since they hadn’t had ‘The talk‘ about exclusivity (however this was red flag number one).  Another few weeks go by and it had been established that they were an official couple, Tinderella sends him her usual good morning message, this would be the first day that she didn’t hear from him all day. She messaged him in the morning and by six in the evening he still hadn’t responded yet he had read the message, (red flag number two perhaps?) she ignores it and decides to give him a call. He answers all tired and nonchalant, she asked why he didn’t respond and he says he’s been “busy”, she asks he why he had the time to read it but no time to respond? This conversation escalates into their very first disagreement. Tinderella goes to bed angry that night.

The disagreement was squashed the very next day when the ghetto prince comes over to Tinderella’s all apologetic and lovey dovey. Tinderella immediately feels the love moment come to a screeching halt when the ghetto prince drops the line “I need you to lend me some money”, this was a line that she had been all too familiar with, the previous guy she had lent money to had taken her for a fool, Tinderella decides that not every man is the same and lent him the money anyway. He thanks her and promises to pay her back next week as he speeds out the door.

Tinderella was invited to meet up with some girlfriends for a drink. The night starts off really well, everyone was having a good time, it was Tinderella, her best friend and nine other females some which she knew and some she had met for the first time that night. One of the girls starts to talk about a guy she had recently met on Tinder and all the women start chiming in on how nice this guy sounds. One girl says “Lets see a picture of him”, as the phone is passed round Tinderella finally gets the phone and her heart stops, her mouth is dry and her face gets hot with rage mixed with embarrassment as she realises the man she’s been talking about all along was her ghetto prince. He was still on Tinder and it seems he had been hooking up with this girl for the last two weeks (no wonder why he had been MIA she thought). At this point Tinderella’s head was spinning she didn’t know what to do, (at this point what would you do?).

So Tinderella pulls the girl to the side and asks for a quiet conversation in the bathroom, she explains that she had been seeing the same guy for some time now and she shows her the receipts (pictures of her with the ghetto prince). Together they hatch a plan.

Stay tuned for part two.

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