Tinderella pt2

Tinderella cried an ocean, not just because she had a two minute relationship with a man who couldn’t deliver the many promises that came out of his mouth but because he represented another failure to add to the list of short lived relationships. Why sell dreams and provide a trailer for a life that you know will never happen? A myriad of thoughts ran through her mind like how dare you tell me you love me but act contrary to that. Why disturb my peaceful single-hood with no intention of growing with me? (even though it was me that sort him out on Tinder). That is emotional abuse and she was so tired of it. Despite all of these thoughts Tinderella tried her best not to let her heart grow cold. She thought about the revenge plot that she and the other girl from the party had conjured up, she pondered whether she should go through with it. She decided to throw it to the wayside.

About 6 months later Tinderella met the love of her life. This time she had no doubt that he was the real deal. He was one of those “do more, say less” kinda guys. In fact his words matched his actions and he meant every word he said, including the intention to marry her. Mr Love approaches her parents one sunny afternoon and politely asks for Tinderella’s hand in marriage. After getting permission he proceeds to plan a surprise engagement. Tinderella was over the moon with joy when he popped the question. After the engagement a whole bunch of couple/bae photos were up on her Instagram. One day Tinderella receives a message in her inbox, it was from the ghetto prince. She ignored it. The next day another one. She ignores it. The next day Another! This time she opens it. It was an essay from the ghetto prince that reads as follows;

I hope this reaches you in time, I know you are about to be married but I wanted to let you know that I am so sorry. Sorry I lied to you and lead you on. Sorry I didn’t love you enough when all you did was give me your all. Sorry I couldn’t deliver the dreams that you had in mind for both of us, I understand that I wasn’t ready as a man and thought that women are all about the physical appearence, however you taught me about the essence of a person, and that the shared experiences and memories you create with someone are what are truly matters in a relationship. Since you left my life has been filled with darkness, a constant dark cloud follows me, I can’t sleep, my appetite has gone not just for food but for women. I’m not gonna lie I have been on dates with others but I keep measuring them against you and they just don’t measure up. You have truly raised the bar in the short time I knew you. The memories of the good times we had together are like emotional land mines, it’s like every song, every smell, every restaurant reminds me of you. I didn’t know it then but you are the love of my life. I feel empty without you. I understand the pain I put you through because I’m feeling it now. I was chasing after the wind but when I stumbled across gold I didn’t recognise it…until now.

Yours Truly (I hope)

The ghetto prince

Tinderella was stunned! That was only letter one. She didn’t want to open the others so she deleted them. She had countless thoughts and emotions running through her head after reading that. She was angry, how dare he come with that spiel when he knew how happy she is now. So typical of him to care when she no longer does. Well it’s too late mister. She felt justified that she is a good person and that someone like that recognised she was. She felt sorry for him that he didn’t recognise a good thing when he saw it. Tinderella immediately stopped her thoughts and burst out laughing, tears of joy streamed down her face as she realised that she was about to marry the man of her dreams. A man who wasn’t afraid to love her back. A man who was reciprocal with his love, she felt it, she knew it, he was a blessing from God. God had seen her tears and heard her prayers and blessed her because she chose not to take revenge when she could have.

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