Rose coloured stunners

They say the eyes are window to the soul, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

But these shades make me see you differently, my view of you is much older,

See I was wearing these in a previous relationship and I forgot to take them off,

All my previous mistakes, seemed to repeat and didn’t stop,

Usually this perspective means you can do no wrong,

However I’m singing a different hymn,  yes a different song,

My point of view meant that I relived the negativity,

Thinking every man is the same I viewed you stereotypically,

Looking at you through the lens of the past meant I reacted the same to things things that weren’t there,

Like fog on a winters day I was unable to see you clearly,

Previous experience blind me to the fact you love me dearly,

Insecurities flared up because I would judge a situation like you never cared,

But you do, its just that he didn’t…you keep saying “I’m not him!”

Of course I wasn’t listening and your light started to grow dim,

These rose coloured glasses shielded me from your ever shining light,

And being the stubborn person I am I didn’t want to admit you were right,

I just wanted you to see my point of view,

and then I realised you were wearing shades too.

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