The Trinity

It’s much easier to fool a people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled – Mark Twain

What I’m about to say is not a matter of belief but a matter of fact. The concept of the Trinity has always been one for debate. The triune God three in one, or One God three attributes?  “Think of it like an egg,” someone said “You’ve got the shell, the egg white and the yolk” Three different parts but one thing. Did this concept originate with Christianity or is the trinity doctrine in all religions? Let’s examine history.

The Egyptian Trinity – Rameses, Amun and Mut


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Throughout the ancient world the worship of God in threes has been prevalent.  From Egypt came the idea of a divine trinity which consisted of a number of deitys in groups of three. Above we see Amun, Mut and Ramesess which was later replaced by the most famous Isis (wife), Horus (son) and Osiris (husband). Even before all of this the sun God Ra had three different manifestations Khepri was the morning sun, Ra was the midday sun and Atum was the evening sun.

The Greek Trinity


Triple deities in Greece were also numerous, to name a few;

Zeus, Hera and Hercules/Zeus, Athena and Apollo/Zeus, Poiseidon, and Hades. The latter are considered the most important gods according to Greek mythology. Zeus was the God of gods, Poiseidon the god of the seas and Hades the god of the underworld.

The Hindu Trinity


Although there are many gods in the Hindu religion Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver) and Shiva (destroyer) are the most important. Many Hindus believe they represent three manifestations of one God even though they have their own attributes. Brahma is the supreme presence of God, Vishnu is the one that brings balance between good and evil and Shiva is the Lord of the dance representing the cycle of life and death.

The Roman Catholic Trinity


This Trinity consists of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. The father being called Jehovah, the Son is called Jesus and the Holy spirit doesn’t have a name. In this trinity the father is totally God, the son is totally God, and the Holy Spirit is totally God. They are considered to be one God in three persons. The divinity of Jesus was first discussed at the council of Nicea in 325C.E, this was to determine whether Jesus was of the same substance as God (look up the council of Nicea don’t just take my word for it), there was no mention of the Holy spirit at this point. The emperor Constantine in order to keep the peace between the early church and the pagans decided in favour of those who said Jesus was God. Yes people, they actually had a two month long debate about divinity of Jesus, which culminated in the creed of the council of Nicea being established. Later at the council of Constantinople 381 C.E they agreed to place the Holy Spirit at the same level as Jesus and God.


Which one is the odd one out? You’ve guessed it it the Ancient Egyptian Trinity, why because its the only one with prevalent female energy. In my humble opinion the trinity makes more sense with the female involved because man plus woman equals child and that is actually what perpetuates life.


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