Kissing Frogs

The hardest thing about a break up is the feeling that you’re never gonna find someone else. A bad break up can feel like a death, because essentially the end of something, be it a situation, a job or a relationship is a sort of like a death. It hurts, it feels like a part of you is missing but I guarantee you, that if the most recent relationship/situation is not for you…something better is coming. Yes you will be cyberstalking , drunk textin or even calling and hanging up, this is called going through the motions, but going THROUGH is getting you TO where you actually need to be. All of your experiences are there to mold your character and prepare you for your golden era. Everyone has golden eras, these are moments in your life that make you forget the heart ache that you’ve been through, but the key word folks is…THROUGH. You have to go through to appreciate the golden era when you experience it. Never let a situation paralyse you or stop you in your tracks. You must keep going, because its at the moment of acceptance (of the situation) that you receive your blessing. The moment you forget or let go of that person, suddenly that person comes back or someone else comes along that makes you so happy that you wonder why you ever was pining over the last relationship. Often we want to hold onto to things but if you let go, that empty space or void WILL be filled…guaranteed! Thats just the law of balance.

I’ve had a few jobs in my life, sometimes I’ve made the choice to leave and sometimes I’ve been pushed but the moment I accepted what was happening and focused on the next step, things always worked out. At this particular moment in time you may feel horrible, you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if something is meant to be it will be…I know it sounds cliche but its so true. Let go and stop feeling the need to control, be at peace, be relaxed, and a better situation will always be on the horizon. Anyone who walks out of your life…let them, if they wanted to stay they would. The people that are in your life right now are meant to be there, appreciate them, cherish them and love them and its that kind of mindset that prepares you for the best moments of your life.

Never regret your experiences as there is always something to learn, it helps you to make better choices next time or to do things differently. Its easy to fall into relationship patterns but if you are privy to those patterns you have an advantage. Don’t be the one to see the ditch and still fall in, see the ditch and walk around this time. So if you have a history of dating the same type of person, cause a glitch in the matrix and try something completely different.

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