The Law of Attraction

“Men like what they see, women like what they hear…thats why men lie and women wear make up”.  Milos M.

I was talking to my friend Kysrine the other day (yes I really put your name in this post Kyz) and we were talking about the animal kingdom. We discussed that the male species in the animal kingdom are usually more attractive, lions have manes, male peacocks have many beautifully coloured feathers, other animals sing or dance to court their female counterpart. I was also told once that female animals look less colourful or attractive to avoid sexual harassment. Yet for humans its the opposite way round, they say a females hair is her crown or her beauty, SHE wears makeup, wears revealing clothing or dances seductively to entice a man. Bottom line is there is always an external indication of attraction for males to notice women. Maybe this is the reason why Instagram has become so popular. You can use filters, find your best angle or take a thousand pictures to get your best selfie and become an overnight model. I see at least one person a day scrolling up on Facebook or Instagram news feeds and I wonder if we have become a voyeuristic society, because we certainly like to watch.


I’m not saying that men are not attractive or that they no longer want to impress women, all I have to do is go to my local gym to see how hard men work to attract the ladies (or men, whatever floats your boat). Clearly what it takes to impress women has changed over the centuries. Imagine if men brought home the skin of a leopard or took part in a jousting contest to win your heart, that may not be very impressive, and you’d probably have the NSPCA after you, but bravery seemed to take precedence over looks  back in the day. In my mind bravery connotes masculinity and I get uncomfortable if a man takes longer than I do to get ready. Where is bravery in todays society? Could it be in the form of a soldier, gang culture, the mafia? Is that why they say good girls like bad guys?


Aesthetic beauty is important because of healthy offspring and there has been scientific research that shows symmetrical faces are more attractive. However if genetics are not on your side, there is so much that you can do these days to change that. The UK researcher Alan Slater says “Attractiveness is not in the eye of the beholder, it’s innate to a newborn infant” after a study was conducted on new born babies. Results found that babies spend more time fixated on attractive faces. Photos of attractive females were presented to babies between seven days old and one year, all babies spent more time looking at pretty faces than the less attractive ones. So if a random baby is staring at you for a while, you are probably a good looking person (I bet everyone’s gonna start looking out for babies now, saying “look at me damn it” LOL).

The new age philosophy believes that like attracts like. That you only have to think upon certain things in order to receive it and this includes a mate. Visualisation has its part to play and may be a main contributor in achieving things you never thought you could. Heck they always say men are visual creatures but I think men are simple in what they want to look at. Countless times I’ve heard men say they prefer women who look natural, with no gimmicks, those who don’t hide behind clothes, hair and makeup. Yet women still continue to do these things and men still pursue women that do, guess its just a catch twenty-two. Its a rare individual that believe’s theres nothing more beautiful than the soul of a person and if you have a beautiful exterior to match then its a bonus.

One thought on “The Law of Attraction

  1. Nice one ! 👍… Opposites actually still attract. I was a good girl attracted to a bad boy as he was exciting and fun at the time… In fact, one always makes excuses for his bad behaviour, as you hope you can change him to model into your very own fantasy of a ‘great exciting man’ The reality is that you cannot change anyone except yourself! Bare that in mind when dating love! X 😘😉💜💞

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