10 Animals that mate for life

Even the stork that flies across the sky knows the time of her migration, as do the turtledove, the swallow, and the crane. They all return at the proper time each year. But not my people! They do not know the LORD’s laws. Jeremiah 8v7

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! Proverbs 6v6

There is a reason why God asks us to study the ways of animals, the above quotes are talking about time and work. God said that we should know the seasons we are in as do the birds who do not have the brain capacity of humans yet they know when to move, consider this those of you who are always waiting for Gods time, yet always say that God is not affected by time because he lives in eternity. The sun and the moon were put here for US to observe the times and to act accordingly. So those of you still looking for a mate or are looking for solid commitment consider the ways of these monogamous animals. Enjoy x

  1. Gibbons


They are the nearest relatives to humans that mate for life. monogamy is a rare trait for primates but males and females of this species are of roughly equal size showing equality is important. the couple spends time grooming each other and literally hanging out with each other. Looks like there’s some swirling going on here too LOL.

2. Swans


Swans form pair bonding that can last for many years and in some cases for life. Their long necks that create the shape of a heart when facing each other has become a universal symbol of love, and rightly so since they are extremely loyal to one another. The reason why they mate for life is because it takes a considerable amount of time to migrate, establish territories, incubate and raise their young so looking for a mate for years is actually a waste of precious time and would minimise the time for reproduction. One of the benefits of the swan duo is that they learn from their success and failures each time they raise their young. Wow, I’m in awe of their wisdom!

3. Black Vultures


As hideous as they look, looks are not a prerequisite for a committed relationship with this duo. Black vulture culture has been known to attack other birds for cheating LOL (I really hope they don’t eat the dead afterwards!). Genetic evidence from studies show that the birds share their duties equally through pair bonding and year round association. Animals that parent together stay together.

4. French Angelfish


These fish never travel alone, they literally come in pairs. They live, hunt, and travel together. ‘Till death do us part’ was really written for French angelfish, since they stay together for as long as they are alive. They act as a team to defend their territory against neighbouring pairs, theres a lesson in itself, pair up to protect and defend your territory people!

5. Wolves


These beautiful creatures have such a bad reputation in fairy tale world, you know the stories that talk about happily ever after but never show what it takes to get there. Well the big bad wolf has a family life that excels human relationships. Wolf packs consist of a male, a female and their offspring similar to the nuclear family and get this…the older offspring even take care of their younger siblings! They even sometime welcome a lone wolf into their pack (adoption).

6. Albatross


They fly many distances over the oceans but despite their many travels this bird always returns home to the same place and the same partner when it is time to breed (Any of you thinking you should marry an albatross yet? LOL just kidding). Again their pair bonds last several years and their reunions are cemented by affection and goofy ritual dances, often courting each other for years. The albatross use these same rituals to pick the perfect partner, so watch out for that guy/girl  who try’s to impress you with their dance, even if you do think its sorta goofy. These birds only lay one egg a year so its important that they choose the right partner to raise their limited number of chicks.

7. Termites


Eeeww these pests, annoying as they may be, again form lifelong pair bonds between a queen and a single male king giving birth to an entire kingdom. The funny part is that if termites do break up things can get real ugly. Physical violence is demonstrated in a bad split, they bite off each others antenna. I guess they don’t just gnaw through wood.

8. Prairie Voles


Rodents apparently have a reputation for promiscuity but these are the most loyal of the rodent species. They are typically used as a model for animal monogamy in humans because they huddle and groom each other. They share nesting and general responsibilities, they also show a high level of supportive behaviour. GET THIS THOUGH…the female vole will grab the male by the scruff of the neck if he shows the slightest hint that he is not going to stick around to raise their offspring, but this is rarely necessary, after all their name spells love.

9. Turtle Doves


Famous for being number 2 in the twelves days of christmas song, but you didn’t know it was because of their reputation for being the ultimate love birds. A male courts a female by flying to her noisily, making a very distinct whistling sound (I was wondering where those work men get it from). He puffs out his chest, bobs his head repeatedly and calls to her and then she’s his wife for life, if only things were that simple (I spoke about something similar in my post The Law of Attraction, check it out).

10. Bald Eagles


Known as an emblem for the United States, the bald eagle should be revered for more than just soaring to great heights. The eagles typically mate for life except in the event of death or impotency of the mate, however this number is still far lower than than the American divorce rate. They return year after year to the same nest, continually adding to the structure so that after many seasons if the structure still stands it becomes a symbol of their fidelity. I thought this was so beautiful, hopefully more couples can take on the same mentality, instead of throwing good relationships away, can it stand the test of time and weather all seasons?


One thought on “10 Animals that mate for life

  1. And there are animals that are decidedly not monogamous, some that mate and kill, some whose gender morphs from one into the other, and some that are not heterosexual; so whether or not animals are good or bad examples is up for debate.


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