Motivational Mecca 2

3 Practical ways to uplift your spirit.

  1. Every morning or whenever you can, get a glass or bottle of water and hold it in both hands. Speak to the water good things that you would like someone to say about you, whether it’s “You’re amazing”, “You can do it”,  or “I believe in you”. It can be a prayer of all the things you are hoping for in life, if you meditate it may be a positive mantra that you already say on daily basis,  but its important you say these words out loud. Once you have finished drink the water. It has been scientifically proven that you can change the structure of water through thought and speech, I guess this is also why its important to bless your food before you eat. You will immediately start to feel better, you can do this on a daily basis or whenever you feel you need to be uplifted, and as the water cleanses and purifies your mind and body it will also be eliminated through the body too. Watch the video below on the effects of human thoughts and words on water.
  2. Surround yourself with nature. The average working person has a very busy lifestyle which sometimes consists of going to work, going home, going to sleep and back to work in the morning again. In between that our brains are constantly stimulated by technology, emails, Whatsapp messages, text messages, phone calls, TVs and Laptops. Sometimes it can be hard to quieten our spirit and as a result many people complain about lack of sleep. I live in Dubai a desert, but fortunately there are a few green areas that I can enjoy. However if you live near a park or any kind of greenery it might be your back garden, try and spend time in amongst nature even its for an hour. Trees and plants are living entities and taking the time to sit and rest in the presence of Gods creation is like recharging your spirit. Take an hour at least 3 times a week to surround yourself with nature. If its too cold outside get yourself a plant.Autumn at Portland Japanese Garden
  3. Eat healthy. Much like the first one its important what we put in our bodies because as the cliche says “You are what you eat. There are many diets that people are on today vegan, vegetarian, and raw food only to name a few. I personally believe in a balanced diet, a bit of everything is necessary but at a set percentage. The largest percentage is fruits and vegetables, green food should be a large part of your diet, it should be consumed daily. Meats tend to make you sluggish and it can block the digestive system, but organic meats are probably the best option. Meat should be cooked thoroughly and consumed before sun down, it should also be the smallest percentage of your food intake. Its important to eliminate waste on a daily basis, green foods and fluids (natural juices) help you to eliminate waste on a daily basis. We bathe everyday to wash off the dirt of the day, its important that we release the waste we consume. The more we eliminate the better we feel as in the natural so in the spiritual.balanced-dietSo there you have it, 3 practical ways to uplift your spirits immediately, let me know how it goes.

Peace n Love x

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