Sticks ‘n’ Stones

If words don’t hurt then why do I still hear the echo of what you said when I was seven?

Imprinted like a finger print on my mind, your words are like sign posts that I follow down a path to negative or positive endings.

They are bricks in a bag that I carry unaware of why I make the choices that I do in life, because of your direction,

those sign posts are like the sound track to my life, and all the people end up singing the same song while its on repeat,

because of you I could dance to a beautiful song or be tuned to a negative frequency.

If words don’t hurt, then why do I remember them even when you’re not there?

You could be long gone, but your words are inscribed on my heart like an inscription on a piece of jewellery.

Words do hurt and they do break bones leaving you paralysed of the ability to move forward, stuck in a time or space that you could have long moved on from.

Words have the power to build up or destroy.

They are the seed that grows up into weeds or fruit bearing trees.

Words are like yeast in bread they inflate the ego, they are the key to the door of change.

Words are healing and the honeycomb to the soul.

Sticks and stones my break your bones but words can do all that and more!

How many negative seeds are you carrying in your chest?

Speak words that only bless and do not curse, I say this to myself as I look into the mirror.

Words are spirit and they are life, choose them wisely.

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