Twin Flames

Do we gradually start to look like our other half the longer we are together or are we just attracted to people that look like us? If the latter is true, is it narcissistic to be attracted to yourself? The word narcissist comes from a story, a greek myth about a man named Narcissus, who after looking at his reflection in a pool of water, fell in love with himself. Narcissism is actually a personality disorder and there are plenty of blogs dedicated to the topic, especially “Signs to know whether you are dating a narcissist“…that is not the topic of this post today however. Take these celebrity couples, they’ve been together for a while but not as long as some others and I think they look alike.

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In a recent post I spoke about the definition of a soul mate (check that out here) but lately I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of references to a term called a ‘Twin Flame’. Essentially a twin flame is like a soul mate but you may not know the person yet, in some cases you may find it hard to get along with your twin flame and you may not actually like each other, other twins may know each other but be separated from each other at crucial times due to unforeseen circumstances. I can identify with all those cases but I’m not sure I identify with the label that has been given. In a nutshell a twin flame relationship is literally the other half of your soul. According to this theory we were all made as twin souls, a masculine and feminine energy from before we entered into the world of time. Once we entered into the world the souls were separated and now the mission is to find that twin soul. Hence the reason some people may have a longing or a searching deep within for this connection with other. Maybe, there is some truth to the theory and maybe upon seeing your reflection in the person you meet you decide that this is the one! Could this also be the reason why people say “It was love at first sight?” Perhaps they fell in love with themselves, their own reflection. Who knows…

Take a look at these old couples who also look alike.

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All of these couples have been married for over 40 years! Now the question again is…did they grow to look alike or did they look alike from the beginning? Take a look at the person you are in a relationship with today, do you look alike? If you don’t think you do now, perhaps in years to come you will.

Happy Valentines Day x

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  1. i have definitely noticed that couples begin to look alike over time, but i’d never thought that perhaps we’re attracted to those who already look similar to us … hummm!

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