10 signs he is a keeper

A strong woman with a beautiful smile is attractive, but a strong woman with a beautiful mind is addictive. -Mr Amari Soul

Your heart is the well spring of life and should be guarded. Don’t be ashamed of the fortress you have put up to protect it from insincere candidates. I often wear my heart on my sleeve, not because I don’t care about it but because I’m open and honest and as a result I expect the same from people. I have found that it takes more strength to be open than closed, because you need courage to be vulnerable. It is a big risk to take with something so precious (your heart) but luckily for me my ability to see the good in people often means I’ve been fortunate to meet some really good people. I recently read a book called Reflections of a Man by Mr Amari Soul and it is brilliant I recommend to any and every woman, so this particular blog is peppered with his quotes.

  1. He loves and respects you. He loves you by showing you he cares, he respects you because he listens to your hopes and fears and address them in a timely manner.
  2. “Whats more fragile than a womans heart? A mans ego”(Mr Amari Soul). If he can put his ego aside to demonstrate that the strength of a relationship is in unification and not in individuality you have a good man.
  3. “Any man can pick you up physically but it takes an exceptional man to lift you up emotionally” (Mr Amari Soul). He has the ability to make you feel emotionally safe.
  4. He doesn’t hide anything from you. Yes you don’t have to share absolutely everything, I still personally believe in having some things for yourself, whether it be a hobby or your spirituality…but if he’s open with his phone and emails. He is definitely a keeper.
  5. His level of performance matches or exceeds your own. Its all well and good expecting a man to make 6 figures and have a car and a nice house etc but do you have these things? Your expectations for him should definitely match what you have achieved yourself or he should motivate you to do better.
  6. He always has time for you.
  7. The relationship is balanced. Feelings as well as everything else should be mutual and fair as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that you should be the same person in fact quite the opposite. I’m a big fan of complementary opposites so if you are an initiator and he is an introvert dont expect him to initiate because thats your roll, it still leads to balance and harmony.
  8. He is committed to knowing the REAL you. Your crazy doesn’t scare him. “The most beautiful things about you will go unseen by the man who see you only with his eyes and not with his heart” (Mr Amari Soul). He doesn’t just remember what you look like but how you make him feel. He loves the invisible you…your essence.
  9. He knows how to communicate. Need I say more?
  10. He proves you wrong. All you want or need is a man that proves that he is not like the rest of the guys you’ve been with. He is committed and able to see things through to the end. All she needs is a reason to love again.

This is my birthday gift to you family, thanks for reading xxx

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