Alternative Endings

Do we create our own destiny or is it already written down? Have you ever watched a film and wished for a different ending? Better still, have you watched a film that has provided an alternative ending? What if life was like that. Some people believe in parallel universes where there are multiple ‘yous’ living alternative lifetimes at the same time. I don’t particularly agree with that belief and if you do I’m not here to discredit your belief or persuade you otherwise. I just believe that there are many paths mapped out before you that lead to particular destinations, but you have the choice of which path you choose “See I have set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction” Deuteronomy 30;15.

There are multiple possibilities in life. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths (or in other translations he will make your path straight) Proverbs 3;6. Do you ever feel like life is going round in circles or you are going in the wrong direction? The good thing about the scripture above is the analogy of paths, if you’re going the wrong way make a u turn, if you’re going round in circles, STOP. If you standstill and listen to your inner self, your gut feeling, or your God feeling you will flow in the right direction. Gods way is a straight line, your intuition is a straight line, calm the chatter in your mind and listen to that still small voice and you’ll see the clarity that follows.

We are all spirit, we are all energy. Our emotions are just energy in motion (E-motion), your emotions can be an indication of a much needed change in your life. Yes you should be able to control your emotions but at the same time pay attention to how you are feeling, it a great indication of whats going on in your inner world. Your inner world reflects your outer world. All emotions are useful and we wouldn’t have the range of emotions we have if they are not to be used. I was reading the story of Gideon the other day (found in Judges chapter 6), Gideon was a warrior and he questioned whether God was with his people because they had been delivered into the hand of the Midianites. Gideon was frustrated enough to ask God “Why is this happening to us? I thought you said you were with us? etc (I’m just paraphrasing here!). God replied “Go in this might, and you shall save Israel from the hand of the Midianites, have I not sent you? (Judges 6;11). Go i this might means go in this energy, in this power within you. Sometimes it’s all about directing your energy to the right place. You may have a legit reason to be angry or frustrated but instead of directing it at the wrong people use the energy to move you in the right direction (remember emotion is energy in motion). There is a time and place for everything, check out Ecclesiates chapter 3. My point is we have the power to change our life, ultimately God is in control but he gives us the creative power to create alternative routes on this journey called life. Are you listening to your inner world?

2 thoughts on “Alternative Endings

  1. Hi Kerisha, this was a very interesting read. Concerning our paths. You are so right we have free will and choices but sometimes through allowing our strong emotion to control us we may choose the wrong path and come off the straight one due to acting on self and not seeking God’s help if i can say this as you have been quoting scripture. Without God’s help with what we are feeling things can go so wrong. Like you said E motions are natural but we have to guide them positively in the right direction. Well done you!

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