What is your superpower?

In order to understand yourself and others it important to KNOW THYSELF. The way you can achieve this is by studying your birth chart. If you’ve never done a birth chart before you can do a free one here. In order to know your ascendent sign you will need to know the time you were born. Unless you already know about birth charts you may not understand this post if you do then great…have fun.

  1. Aries – I AM. Your superpower is your transparency.
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    If your ascendant is in Aries that means you are, who you are in new situations. Whatever mood you are in, in the present moment is who you are going to be. Your ascendant is the you, you display upon first meeting, its the aura you give during first impressions. If you are angry in that moment you don’t sugar coat it everybody will know you are angry. Its the same with any other emotions they will display with no filter, a bit like children and thats why they are called the babies of the zodiac. If your sun is Aries that means I AM my ego. The sun represents your ego an Aries ego or identity is very important to them the stronger their ego the more confident they are, the weaker the ego its not a pretty sight. Moon in Aries means I AM my emotions, whatever emotions they are feeling its like they are the embodiment of it. If they are feeling confident they are the bravest people you will ever know and they will go to bat for you no matter what the situation is. If they are feeling sad they become the embodiment of that and its like they get so depressed they are hard to be around.

  2. Taurus – I HAVE. Your superpower is the ability to create wealth.
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    If your ascendant is in Taurus it means that you possess (to have) new situations. What I mean by this is that you have a very dominant presence even if you are quiet. If you are a loud person you will dominate new situations with ease. If your sun is in Taurus it means your ego is expressed by the things you have, Taurus is the sign or possessions and as long as they have things to show for it they are ok. This could also mean you control your ego in some way, maybe you are very sure of yourself and your abilities to the point where you don’t feel the need to show off about it. If your moon is in Taurus this means your emotions are validated by the things you have. You feel proud of your possessions. You may even possess your emotions or better still you maintain your emotional state like a possession .

  3. Gemini – I THINK. Your superpower is your gift of the gab.
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    You need sound thinking skills in order to communicate effectively. If your ascendent is in Gemini it means you have the ability to communicate effectively in new environments. You may have the gift of the gab or if your thinking skills are not in alignment with what you say then you may be considered a chatter box. Either way some people feel comfortable with Gemini ascendants because they are the icebreakers they can relieve the uncomfortable tension of a first time meet. If your sun is in Gemini this means that your ego is expressed through the way you communicate. You applaud your linguistic skills it gets your foot in the door of many places and you may even be multilingual. If your moon is in Gemini this mean that you process emotions either by thinking or talking about it. You think about emotions but you may not necessarily feel them as much as a water sign might.

  4. Cancer – I FEEL. Your superpower is your spidey senses.
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    If your ascendent is in Cancer it means you have the ability to feel out new situations, we’ll call it your spidey senses. If you come into a new environment you can immediately assess whether the situation is good or bad via your feelings. If your not “feeling it” you are out of there. If you enjoy the new situation you will clamp down those pincers and it will be hard to get rid of you. If your sun sign is Cancer it means you are what you feel. Thats why cancers are known for being moody because feelings change in people very often, but with a sun sign this is their identity, their ego. So how ever they feel moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day is changeable depending on their feelings. If your moon sign is in cancer this means that you reflect the emotions of others. The moon reflects the sun so you can sense peoples mood and act accordingly to their mood if you feel that they are in an angry mood you will tip toe around that person, if you feel they are in a good mood your mood will reflect that also. However because the sign cancer is ruled by the moon it means your comfortable in your own emotions, you often know why you are feeling a certain way about a particular situation.

  5. Leo – I WILL. Your super power is your confidence.
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    Lets change the phrase I WILL to I EXPRESS. If your ascendant is in Leo it means you are very expressive in new situations. Leo is a showy sign that is ruled by the sun, which is always seen. Anyone with Leo ascendant will always been seen but more importantly they WILL make themselves be seen and this will be by being very expressive in speech or action. If your sun sign is in Leo it means that you feel comfortable and confident in expressing your ego. You have no problems expressing yourself, you are not shy at all. Your ego can be expressed through anything that can get you seen by a lot of people such as acting, dancing, fashion and other expressive arts. If your moon sign is in Leo it means that you express your emotions. People with moon in Leo can’t hide how they feel (unless they have an earth or water sun sign and ascendant) their emotions always come out and some people may label this dramatic. Leo moon will always let the people closest to them know how they feel.

  6. Virgo – I ANALYSE. Your superpower is your agile mind.
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    If your ascendant is in Virgo it means that you analyse new situations. You may be very reserved at first because you are analysing your surroundings. You notice everything within the first meeting. Virgos are all about the details they don’t miss a trick in new environments. If your sun sign is in Virgo this means you analyse your ego. Virgos are some of the most smartest but modest people in the world and thats because they are constantly analysing their abilities and even though they may be excellent in one area of their life, they are aware of their weaker areas and as a result they are constantly trying to improve the area they are not good at and that keeps the humble. If your moon is in Virgo this means that you analyse your emotions. Before you allow yourself to feel a particular way you have processed it over and over in your mind before hand. It could also mean that you know why you are having  particular emotions all the time and that might be mentally exhausting.

  7. Libra – I BALANCE. Your superpower is your social skills.
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    If you have a Libra ascendant that means that you are balanced in new situations. You may weigh up a lot of things in your mind before approaching a situation. Another way this could play out is you are very fair (balanced) with new people you never take sides in social situations which makes you likeable by all parties. You don’t like to rock the boat in new situations but prefer harmony. If your sun sign is in Libra this means you have a balanced ego. This is why libra is the social sign they love social settings and being fair with all around them. In an argument they are always gonna see the situation from both sides and this is why some people will say they are indecisive because they can see both sides of a situation. If your moon is in Libra this means your emotions need to be balanced in order for you to function properly. Harmonious environments keeps you balanced.

  8. Scorpio – I DESIRE. Your superpower is the ability to transform.
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    If you have a Scorpio ascendent this means that you crave intensity in new situations. Scorpios are deep, if someone you don’t know is giving you the most intense stare from across the room like they can see your skeleton its probably a scorpio sun or ascendant person. They are passionate so they crave deep encounters, you probably find a lot of them in places that have something to do with UFOs, detective work or the occult. If you are a sun sign scorpio your ego is expressed through your desires. If your lucky enough to be close to a scorpio then you may know what their surface desires are but their deepest desires would probably take a lifetime to find out, which is why scorpios desire loyal people. They want people to stick around to uncover their many layers. If your moon is in Scorpio that means that you crave/draw/desire emotional people around you or you express your emotions very deeply and intensely. Scorpio moon energy is very intense and can scare off the flighty or the light hearted frivolous air signs.

  9. Sagittarius – I SEE. Your superpower is foresight.
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    If your ascendant is in sagittarius it means you have the ability to see new situations for what they really are. You can walk into a room and see the overall vibe and intentions of people which help you further your knowledge of the environment. If your sun sign is in sagittarius it means you see your ego. Sagittairius is the visionary they were originally called the seer or the sage because of their ability to see the future. They see the future due to being able to process knowledge into wisdom. The ability to see your ego or see things in your minds eye means that you can be optimistic about up coming events, hence the reason why sagittarius is called the eternal optimist. If your moon is in sagittarius it means you see your emotions rather than feel them. To perceive how you are feeling it great but some people make think you don’t have emotions because they think you don’t express them you just see them, this is where a Leo might come in handy. However some people might not think its necessary to express emotions, seeing how you feel using foresight might enable you to avoid unnecessary situations.

  10. Capricorn – I USE. Your superpower is the ability to build from nothing.
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    Lets change the word use to productivity. If your ascendant is in capricorn that means you are productive in new situations. You are really practical and not scared of hard work or getting your hands dirty. If your sun sign is in Capricorn it means that your ego is expressed through productivity. Capricorns like to build hence the reason why they are called the hardworking sign. Capricorns use what they have whether thats their hands, money or friends to further them in life. If your moon is in capricorn this means you use your emotions to build something productive. This is another sign that people might call unfeeling but its not that they are unfeeling they just process their emotions through doing something. The more they are doing the more emotional they are.

  11. Aquarius – I KNOW. Your superpower is the ability to apply knowledge in the real world.
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    If your ascendent is in Aquarius it means that you have a lot of knowledge in new situations. If you start a new conversation with a stranger and you all of a sudden have been talking for hours about any and everything it was probably an aquarius sun or ascendent. Aquarians know a lot about a lot particularly genius stuff like how to put a car back together from scratch. They are called the genius sign. If your sun is in Aquarius this means you express your ego through your knowledge. For some reason Aquarians hate dumb people, it really irks them so in order to be around one you’d better have something up in that brain. Aquarius’ best assist is their brain. If your moon is in Aquarius it means you are knowledgeable about emotions but you may not be great at showing emotions again like Sag and Cap moons. Some Aquarius moons might not be knowledgeable of emotions and so they spend time studying it. They may keep an emotional pisces or another water sign around them just to understand emotions, just to study them like a lab rat LOL. Remember Aquarius know a lot but this might be the one area they haven’t explored, so they experiment in order to KNOW emotion.

  12. Pisces – I BELIEVE. Your superpower is the potential to make your dreams a reality.
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    A belief is trust in something without rigorous proof. Pisces ascendent people believe anything in new situations. They are very trusting upon first impressions. Some people may call this gullible or just free spirited. They believe people are who they say they are. If your sun is in Pisces it means that your ego is expressed through what you believe. If a Pisces don’t believe in themselves you will be able to see it, if they do believe in themselves then they won’t stop talking about it even though it hasn’t happened yet, but their belief will also inspire you to believe in your dreams. If your moon is in pisces this means that your beliefs shape your emotions. If your dreams are not coming to fruition this will be expressed in your emotions. If your dreams are attached to your emotions it can also make you detached from reality, hence the reason they say pisces is the sign of escapism. Its good to have big dreams but make sure every now and then you practically explore your dreams instead of just having them in your head.

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